A Homebrew Game I made called Get It!

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Re: A Homebrew Game I made called Get It!

Post by gravelstudios » Sun Mar 04, 2018 10:42 am

Erockbrox wrote:I wonder how far I got and if I got past level 200? Once I felt like I had mastered the game, it didn't seem as if it were a challenge anymore. I was hoping for some type of difficulty increase, but I honestly never saw it.

What happens after level 256?
You were only at around level 40-50 in your video (you can tell by the number of items--each level has that many items before the key appears). To be more accurate, the orange circle and green triangle AI increases every 16 levels, so you should have seen 2 increases at your point. After level 255, it just goes back to level 0, although you keep your gems and lives, the enemy AI and number of items in the level start over again. I took my own advice and hacked myself up to level 255, and it's very difficult to survive long. the green triangle just goes right for you. It's technically possible to survive, but you have no leeway for mistakes at that point.
Erockbrox wrote:I am also wondering how you worked out the issue involving the spawned item and how to make it take the most interesting "path" around the screen. For instance it could have been such that the spawned item and the angle that it moves didn't allow for an interesting path around the geometry of the level. But you managed to make the spawned sprite bounce around to all of the areas of the screen and go through the tunnel.
This was just trial and error experimentation. My original maze design was much tighter and more complex, like a Pac-Man maze. I discovered that the game played much better with a more open maze design. I just experimented with different mazes. Often, the items would get stuck in 'loops' where they would bounce around in a predictable closed path. I didn't like that at all. I wanted Items to be able to go anywhere. I just tweaked it until I was happy. There are still a few places where items can get stuck in closed predictable loops, but it doesn't happen often.
Erockbrox wrote:Code:
You could always fix this by adding in some condition, for example: If player and sprite to be spawned are at the same coordinates, then spawn the sprite at another spawn point other than the current one.
If I were doing it again, I probably would. At the time, it didn't seem like a big deal. I was just trying to finish the game and I didn't want to fall into the scope-creep trap. My goal was to finish a game, and I finished it. I don't really have any intention to go back and 'fix' stuff. I HAVE thought about making a sequel to it some day. Maybe then...

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