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Re: NESDev Compo Numbering

Post by pubby » Sat Jan 12, 2019 3:47 pm

I don't think it's fair to ask for a deadline for the cartridge.
If you enter a contest that offers a prize, and you win said prize, I believe you have a right to receive the prize in a reasonable timeline. I mean, would you give the same response had an entrant still not received their cash prize?

Gosh that's acerbic to say though.

I love the work of all the volunteers, but I also really worry that we're going to get backed up if we start taking over a year to put together the cartridges. In a few spots it seems like the delay isn't from a lack of volunteer effort, but because entrants are allowed to update their game without a deadline for finalizing the ROM. If the games aren't set in stone, the artist can't design the cover. And if the artist can't design the cover, the manufacturer can't print the boxes. That's a reason for the delay.

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Re: NESDev Compo Numbering

Post by M_Tee » Sat Jan 12, 2019 10:08 pm

Is there any interest in including both 2017 and 2018 competition games on Vol. 4?

It seems with the planning of the Master Release that INL has boards that can handle the size.
It would provide more bang for the buck for the consumer. (Especially since I'm concerned the current plan for Vol. 5 to include games from Vol. 4 will reduce interest in Vol. 4 anyway.)
We could possibly actually have 53 games on the cart.
It would prevent conflict from JRoatch's no-demos rule for inclusion in Vol. 5 if we get demos submitted in the new contest.
I recently changed to a modular-based cover art design instead of a singular illustration, so I can still progress on the art without needing to know the full roster (Probably a decision I should have made earlier, so my apologies there.)
It would correct the year-behind schedule we're on.

It would cannibalize interest in Vol. 5 if Vol. 5 is still planned to include games from Vol. 4.*
Depending on how many remakes we have show up for the subcontest, it could complicate Vol. 5.
It would further delay 4, but a hard deadline on version updates to the contest entries could manage that delay.

* We could possibly take A53 in the direction of releasing it once we acquire 53 games, instead of from each deadline.
If the current roster post-competition doesn't hit 53, a call for submissions from the community would likely get it there quickly, since "help make Action 53 Vol. 4: Actually 53" might be a bit more of a motivator.
(If the submissions from the new competition take it over 53 titles, that'd be an interesting dilemma, but having at least 53 games would be even better than having exactly 53.)

If we were to do that, we could omit Vol. 4 titles from appearing in Vol. 5, have Vol. 5's counter start with next year's competition (plus back-games from Vol. 1~3, per JRoatch's discretion), and Vol. 6 fresh after that.

Just a thought here. Would love to hear others' opinions on it.

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