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PostPosted: Wed Apr 29, 2015 1:44 pm 
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I am having difficulty getting Mapper 052 to work correctly. Half the games on Mario Party 7-in-1 appear to work, but the graphics are garbled in the other half (though the program and sound seem to work correctly). There is a note about inverted bits in the source code of FCEUX:

static void M52CW(uint32 A, uint8 V) {
   uint32 mask = 0xFF ^ ((EXPREGS[0] & 0x40) << 1);
//   uint32 bank = (((EXPREGS[0]>>3)&4)|((EXPREGS[0]>>1)&2)|((EXPREGS[0]>>6)&(EXPREGS[0]>>4)&1))<<7;
   uint32 bank = (((EXPREGS[0] >> 4) & 2) | (EXPREGS[0] & 4) | ((EXPREGS[0] >> 6) & (EXPREGS[0] >> 4) & 1)) << 7;   // actually 256K CHR banks index bits is inverted!
   setchr1(A, bank | (V & mask));

Is that expression any different from the wiki explanation?

Edit: I just discovered that the graphics in FCEUX are as garbled as my emulator. But, Nestopia is able to run the game correctly. The wiki must be missing something.

Edit2: I found the solution in Nestopia's source:

   if (WhichGame & 0x40)
      CHRmask = 0x7F;
      CHRbank = ((WhichGame & 0x20) >> 3) | ((WhichGame & 0x10) >> 4) | ((WhichGame & 0x04) >> 1);
      CHRmask = 0xFF;
      CHRbank = ((WhichGame & 0x20) >> 3) | ((WhichGame & 0x10) >> 4);

The bits are swapped around differently than described in the wiki. With this notation:

$6000-7FFF:  [ABCD EFGH]  Multicart reg

There are 8 possible CHR banks constructed from bits CFD. The wiki erroneously suggests that it should be FCD; per Nestopia, the upper 2 bits are flipped. Maybe that is what the comment in the FCEUX source was referring to.

The D bit is only used in the CHR 128K block case as described in the wiki.

PostPosted: Sat May 09, 2015 12:09 am 

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Please see FARID's post: viewtopic.php?t=10703 about mapper 52.

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