G.I. Joe (U) emulation problems

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Re: G.I. Joe (U) emulation problems

Post by koitsu » Fri May 06, 2016 9:13 pm

Quietust wrote:
koitsu wrote:My impression was that $2001's ability to disable display of sprites correlated with item 2 of PPU sprite evaluation, specifically "On even cycles, data is written to secondary OAM (unless writes are inhibited, in which case it will read the value in secondary OAM instead)". But I'm probably wrong (and happy to be so).
That's a totally different thing - the "write inhibit" is what happens after the secondary OAM address overflows (i.e. once 8 sprites are discovered, in step 2c).
Ahhh! Thanks Quietust! Glad the misunderstanding was on my part then. :-)

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