What keyboards do you use for programming?

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Re: What keyboards do you use for programming?

Post by Drag » Tue Apr 06, 2021 9:51 am

Agreed on wireless input devices; I spring for wired (or wireless with the option to use a USB cable instead) whenever I can, originally because the issue with batteries, but also, I notice the input lag when I'm trying to use a mouse. I briefly switched over from a really plain generic mouse to one of the fancier ergonomic ones, but I could not stand how slippery and inaccurate the mouse cursor was. I ended up springing for a somewhat cheap but still good Logitech M-series, but wired, and there was an instant improvement.

Wireless mice are good for travel though, so I don't write them off completely, but for a semi-permanent workstation, hardwired please.

Also, typing on a mobile device using a soft keyboard is a universally bad experience, even for quick and brief text messages, I hate it.

I'm the same on numpads (as in, I prefer them). When doing laptop shopping, I always look for ones that have a numpad. Consider also that the numpad contains home/end, page up/down, and insert/delete keys in standard positions, so if you have a numpad, you can completely ignore where your manufacturer decided to place the dedicated versions of those keys. It's also convenient for typing in numbers (I actually don't know how to use the top row of numbers when typing, I always need to glance at the keyboard, but I do know how to use the numpad), but I think I use it for home/end and page up/down more.

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