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PostPosted: Thu Aug 14, 2008 4:32 am 
B&: This is not your blog
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Article Information

Automatic segmentation, recognition of phonetic units and training in the KEAL speech recognition system
Mercier, G.; Callec, A.; Monne, J.; Querre, M.; Trevarain, O.
Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, IEEE International Conference on ICASSP apos;82.
Volume 7, Issue , May 1982 Page(s): 2000 - 2003
Digital Object Identifier
Summary: This paper describes the acoustic-phonetic recognizer which performs the early stages of analysis in the KEAL system. The objective of this module is to transform the continuous speech signal representing the uttered sentence into a string of lower units. Four main linguistic units have been considered : phones, phonemes, syllables and words. The KEAL acoustic-phonetic recognizer consists of components for carrying out three main tasks : acoustic analysis, labelling and training. Syllabic segmentation accuracy of 95%, an average phonemic recognition rate of 61% and a word recognition accuracy of 93% are obtained using 26 phonemic classes, isolated words (digits and operators : +,-,*,...) and continuous speech which different speakers. Preliminary results on number recognition (each number being composed of several digits spoken without insertion of pauses) give an accuracy of 90% after speaker adaptation.

You damn well know that in 1982 such hardware could not exist due to the lack of parallel processing boards such as 3D accelerator cards.

Someone is sabotaging my ability to make income, and posing as me, releasing all my inventions before I can.

Btw, here is a quick write-up of the core analyzer a.i.:
COGNET/iGEN (Sententia Surres) 2008 ver. 0x0A
(C)Copyright 1994,1996,1997,2001,2002,2003,2005,2006,2007,2008 Timothy Robert Keal

function hypotenuse($coll,$coord1,$coord2){
   global $key;
   if(($coord1==0)||($coord2==0)) return -1;
   return ($sum==0)?0:floor($sum^.5);

function corelation_score($coll,$coord1,$coord2){
   if(($coll['ct']==0)||($coll['ct']<3)) return False;
   if(($coll[$coord1]['ct']==0)||($coll[$coord2]['ct']==0)) return False;
         if ($hyp5>=$hyp3) $tally++;
         if ($hyp6>=$hyp3) $tally++;
   return ($tmp>0xff)?0xff:$tmp;

function tally_all($coll) {
   if($coll['ct']==0) return False;
   return $tally;

Timothy Robert Keal alias jargon

Miser's House Anthology Project

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 14, 2008 4:47 am 
B&: This is not your blog
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A. Governments and corporations all over the world realized or have otherwise verified that I am in-fact the taboo fallen end-times arch angel "Alexander" walking among humans as just another mortal, which is pretty fucking ballsy considering if I somehow die or otherwise am eradicated, the entire past, future, and present of the universe and everything beyond is obliterated.


B. The concept above not being able to be contradicted via any scientific, philosophical, or otherwise theological model scares the shit out of pretty much anyone all things considered that end-times scripture under all Abrahamic religions is forbidden from human knowledge until after the end-times have already begun, only for those that have been left behind during the final mass-rapture.

There is pretty much a completely disorganized army out there attempting to suppress anything I invent via filing patents under fictional corporations with falsified intellectual property owners.

It is as if the world views of me as a threat to the grand scheme.

Timothy Robert Keal alias jargon

Miser's House Anthology Project

 Post subject: A Ghost Story
PostPosted: Thu Aug 14, 2008 5:03 am 
B&: This is not your blog
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0620080808-015558 * NiceNMean wonders at times whether KEAL might be "a multiple guy" >teasin' grin<
0120080808-015619 <KEAL> ?
0120080808-015636 <KEAL> i don't get it
20080808-015643 <NiceNMean> nvm - just another one of My omnipresent bad jokes >g<
0120080808-015708 <KEAL> it didn't even make sense
20080808-015713 <NiceNMean> Well - was kinda tryin' to play on MPD (DID) there >shrug and a grin<
0620080808-015717 * KEAL feeds his rats
0120080808-015801 <KEAL> my rats are lesbians :|
0120080808-015826 <KEAL> i am not MPD (DID), i am schizoid
0620080808-015830 * NiceNMean ponders whether it's a "good sign" or a "bad sign" when KEAL says He "didn't even make sense" >heh<
0620080808-015859 * NiceNMean nods - Figured as much, and know the difference... but damn - then I wouldn't have a bad joke ! >g<
20080808-015918 <NiceNMean> (And bi-polar I'm guessing too ?)
0120080808-015922 <KEAL> scizoids don't have multiple personalites
0120080808-015936 <KEAL> schizoids don't have multiple personalities
0620080808-015958 * NiceNMean nods - I know, KEAL, not to worry... like I said - just goin' for the bad joke there ; )
0120080808-015959 <KEAL> -.-
0120080808-020055 <KEAL> schizoids don't, they just see what is around them completely differently
0620080808-020102 * `Kelli blinks
20080808-020106 <`Kelli> I'll brb
0120080808-020116 <KEAL> for example i could walk past a giant tree and see no tree there
0220080808-020124 * `Kelli ( Quit (Quit: I'm not bossy. I just have strong leadership skills. (Time wasted- 2 hr 28 min 49 s ))
0120080808-020140 <KEAL> it isn't that i don't notice it, just to me there is no damn tree there
0620080808-020147 * NiceNMean tries to remember Jung's phrasing of the comparison between those disorders... he said that (and lots of things) well ; )
0120080808-020208 <KEAL> also for example, i don't die easily
0120080808-020237 <KEAL> according to the laws of physics i should either be deceased already or non-existent
0320080808-020249 * Partygoer257 (~Partygoer@ has joined #PARTYFM
0120080808-020257 <KEAL> that is one cause of schizophrenia
0120080808-020306 <KEAL> too many motherfucking near death experiences
20080808-020326 <Jilly`> m.bjg;tptpppf.v'zx.ngg
0120080808-020333 <KEAL> where according to the laws of physics the individual should damn well have fucking died :P
20080808-020335 <+PartyFMBot> Music: 50's chart toppers: name the artist: it's only make believe?
0620080808-020338 * NiceNMean nods - Or 'simple genetics', I believe... as best they've figured so far at least...
20080808-020405 <+PartyFMBot> Here's a hint, c----- t-----
20080808-020407 <NiceNMean> Eve Partygoer257 - ClubIgnition, I believe - yes ?
0120080808-020411 <KEAL> why people survive when they damn well according to everything logical and rational be dead, nobody knows
0120080808-020431 <KEAL> but apparently, people that this happens to often, are often schizoid
20080808-020435 <+PartyFMBot> Here's a hint, co---- tw----
20080808-020443 <NiceNMean> conway twittie
20080808-020446 <NiceNMean> conway twitty
0220080808-020452 * juliet_ ( Quit (Quit)
20080808-020454 <+PartyFMBot> Winner: NiceNMean Answer: conway twitty Time: 72.153 Streak: 3 Points: 596 Rank: 2nd
20080808-020454 <@SquigY0> !top10
0120080808-020456 <KEAL> conway tweety
20080808-020500 <+PartyFMBot> Bustabust2 has the best score of 999 ; NiceNMean - 596; canchick - 495; Drakulya - 480; robh| - 460; owndblayze^ - 417; SquigY0 - 409; `Kelli - 177; t0ast - 166; Davyb` - 133;
0620080808-020500 * +PartyFMBot administers NiceNMean a cuntslap for getting the last 3 since that seems to be pretty damn popular around here
0320080808-020507 * `Kelli ( has joined #PARTYFM
20080808-020526 <Partygoer257> yes
20080808-020527 <Partygoer257> :(
20080808-020546 <NiceNMean> Just remember KEAL - I might go for the "bad jokes" often... and love to tease & harass - but know well enough We've all got Our own challenges, so... no real dis intended most times ; )
20080808-020604 <NiceNMean> How's things tonight, Chris ?
0120080808-020625 <KEAL> not all schizoids are insane btw
0620080808-020627 * `Kelli is away -( dreaming the night away... thinking of you _JapanDude_ *toewiggles* )- at 04:06a -( P:On / L:On )-
20080808-020635 <NiceNMean> Any luck with 'reclaiming' the site ?
0120080808-020652 <KEAL> which site? ?
20080808-020741 <Partygoer257> the same
20080808-020746 <Partygoer257> no site :(
0620080808-020749 * NiceNMean chuckles - Again, KEAL... don't worry so much 'bout Me ; ) I'm prolly one o' the folks you'll meet in life that's most inderstandin' bout psych challenges ; )
20080808-020813 <NiceNMean> Ah, regrets to hear... no luck with those links & numbers I got you ?
20080808-020848 <NiceNMean> KEAL - 'site' referring to recent challenges with getting h4x0r3d...
0120080808-020900 <KEAL> if you really understood, you'd prolly understand that in reality, making jokes often gets you killed around actual crazy people when making them in person :/
0120080808-020926 <KEAL> most crazy people are harmless
0120080808-021010 <KEAL> but a ratio aren't ticking time bombs, a ratio are just fucking shit crazy psychos that kill people at random
0620080808-021015 * NiceNMean chuckles - Or... works well if folks know you're just kiddin', mean no harm, and you're treatin' them just like "other people" ; )
0120080808-021042 <KEAL> usually if a crazy person hasn't killed someone by age 20 they usually won't
0120080808-021125 <KEAL> :/
0120080808-021143 <KEAL> i only killed one kid on accident
20080808-021227 <NiceNMean> Regrets to hear !
0120080808-021239 <KEAL> his screen name was balzac
0120080808-021247 <KEAL> he died in 2002 i think
0120080808-021259 <KEAL> he commit suicide
20080808-021319 <NiceNMean> ...and his damned philosophical nature drove y'nuts >g< ?
0120080808-021325 <KEAL> ?
0120080808-021349 <KEAL> NiceNMean how old are you?
20080808-021353 <NiceNMean> Balzac was a French philosopher, as I recall...
20080808-021409 <NiceNMean> I'm 41... or - old enough to have to think about it >g<
0220080808-021415 * Partygoer257 (~Partygoer@ Quit (Quit: Never again will my ears hear a ch000000000000000n!)
0120080808-021427 <KEAL> the other day i forgot how old i was
0120080808-021437 <KEAL> i believed for 3 days i was 23
0120080808-021442 <KEAL> (i am 27)
0120080808-021458 <KEAL> only until i applied for a job did i realize i was 27
0620080808-021502 * NiceNMean nods - Thought you were close to 30-ish...
0620080808-021508 * NiceNMean chuckles at that
0120080808-021528 <KEAL> i often confuse my younger brother's age for mine
0120080808-021600 <KEAL> he looks exactly how i did 4 years ago
0120080808-021604 <KEAL> and i get confused
20080808-021604 <NiceNMean> Gotta say - y'got some *fascinating* thought-processes !
0120080808-021709 <KEAL> ever since we both hit our teens we both started looking completely different from how we did as kids and eventually looked exactly like each other
0120080808-021722 <KEAL> as kids we looked nothing alike, and nothing like we do now
0120080808-021742 <KEAL> some strange ass strange in a strange land type shit going on
0120080808-021747 <KEAL> some strange ass stranger in a strange land type shit going on
0620080808-021803 * NiceNMean nods with a grin
0120080808-021816 <KEAL> have you read the vault edition?
0120080808-021840 <KEAL> supposedly the vault edition is nothing like the edited copy
0120080808-021853 <KEAL> i only read the vault edition
20080808-021856 <NiceNMean> Don't think so - but heck, have read so much that I've forgotten over the years >wry grin<...
20080808-021905 <NiceNMean> Will keep that in mind !
0120080808-021908 <KEAL> my teacher that had me read the book only read the original print
0120080808-021930 <KEAL> thus my book report he was like wtf that wasn't in the book wt living fuck
0120080808-021944 <KEAL> the vault edition is damn near pornographic
20080808-022001 <+PartyFMBot> Who are santa's reindeer, in alphabetical order?
20080808-022030 <+PartyFMBot> Here's a hint, b------, c----, d-----,
0120080808-022040 <KEAL> blitzen comet dasher
0120080808-022044 <KEAL> blitzen comet donner
20080808-022100 <+PartyFMBot> Here's a hint, bli----, co---, da----,
0620080808-022110 * NiceNMean nudges KEAL - add the commas ; )
0120080808-022110 <KEAL> blitzen, comet, dancer,
20080808-022119 <+PartyFMBot> Winner: KEAL Answer: blitzen, comet, dancer, Time: 70.332 Streak: 1 Points: 12 Rank: 44th Previously: 49th
20080808-022119 <@SquigY0> !top10
20080808-022121 <NiceNMean> There y'go ; )
20080808-022124 <NiceNMean> wd KEAL ; )
20080808-022127 <+PartyFMBot> Bustabust2 has the best score of 999 ; NiceNMean - 596; canchick - 495; Drakulya - 480; robh| - 460; owndblayze^ - 417; SquigY0 - 409; `Kelli - 177; t0ast - 166; Davyb` - 133;
20080808-022127 <+PartyFMBot> KEAL has moved up in rank: 44th
0120080808-022136 <KEAL> why wasn't it all 9 reindeer?
0120080808-022218 <KEAL> donner dasher blitzen cupid comet rudolph are all i can remember other than prancer
0620080808-022232 * NiceNMean shrugs - Prolly that line got chopped off in that input file ?
0120080808-022237 <KEAL> :/
0120080808-022253 <KEAL> what are the other 2?
20080808-022305 <NiceNMean> comet, cupid... hm...
0120080808-022327 <KEAL> i named 7 of them
0120080808-022341 <KEAL> i almost even forgot about prancer
20080808-022404 <NiceNMean> Ah, and dancer...
0120080808-022419 <KEAL> dancer is one?
20080808-022427 <NiceNMean> Pretty sure ?
0120080808-022434 <KEAL> yeah i think you are right
0120080808-022437 <KEAL> then what is the 9th?
0120080808-022443 <KEAL> vixen
0120080808-022447 <KEAL> that is all 9
20080808-022500 <NiceNMean> Well - rudolph was the '9th' - ah, that's it ; )
0120080808-022520 <KEAL> :)
20080808-022525 <+winter^rose> ;)
0120080808-022549 <KEAL> what was the name of the doe that was rudolph's gf in that claymation?
20080808-022613 <NiceNMean> Hm... dammit, on the tip of My tongue !
0120080808-022617 <KEAL> :)
20080808-022626 <`Kelli> Was it Ginger?
0120080808-022632 <KEAL> i think it might have been
20080808-022639 <`Kelli> That's what I WANT to say it was, but I might be mistaken
20080808-022648 <NiceNMean> No... don't think that was quite it...
0120080808-022651 <KEAL> ginger sounds right
20080808-022659 <NiceNMean> Think that's close though...
0120080808-022700 <KEAL> but i don't think 100% it is correct
0120080808-022718 <KEAL> but it may very well be ginger
0120080808-022737 <KEAL> maybe GingerSleepN knows
0620080808-022746 * NiceNMean chuckles
0120080808-022751 <KEAL> or was it gingersnap?
0120080808-022837 <KEAL> i think she may have been referred to as both ginger and gingersnap in that claymation
0120080808-022847 <KEAL> and that is why we are not sure maybe
20080808-022926 <`Kelli> Why don't one of you go google or wiki it if you're THAT curious?
0120080808-022937 <KEAL> because that wouldn't be as fun
0120080808-022957 <KEAL> we are trying to not be senile by not relying on google and wikipedia
0120080808-023015 <KEAL> `Kelli don't you understand crazy old men?
0120080808-023022 <KEAL> we don't ask for directions
0120080808-023026 <KEAL> :P
0620080808-023105 * NiceNMean chuckles and ^5s KEAL >g<
20080808-023119 <NiceNMean> Something with a short 'i', I'm pretty danged sure >g<
0120080808-023126 <KEAL> deep down inside senile old men don't trust that the timeline itself is even the same timeline they grew up in :P
20080808-023228 <`Kelli> holly?
0120080808-023237 <KEAL> btw NiceNMean, crazy people often use codewords to test if another crazy person is real to them or not
20080808-023253 <NiceNMean> Nah - can't be... no short 'i' in holly >g< !
0120080808-023259 <KEAL> oh duh hollu
0120080808-023301 <KEAL> oh duh holly
0620080808-023309 * NiceNMean chuckles
0120080808-023327 <KEAL> i knew it was some sort of christmas decoration :P
0620080808-023359 * NiceNMean chuckles
0120080808-023419 <KEAL> was ginger rudolph's mom then?
20080808-023435 <NiceNMean> Mrs. Reindeer >g< ?
0120080808-023440 <KEAL> :P
0120080808-023456 <KEAL> remember niceandmean
0120080808-023539 <KEAL> if you are talking to a crazy person and they suddenly change to a very dark and strange demeanor and say sets of words completely out of context
20080808-023607 <`Kelli> From wiki: "Clarice the Reindeer (voiced and sung by Janet Orenstein) The only reindeer at the beginning of the movie who accepts Rudolph's red nose and helps him to fly at the reindeer games by telling him he is cute. As they are walking home together after Rudolph had been teased because of his nose, she cheers him up by singing "There's Always Tomorrow."
20080808-023626 <+PartyFMBot> Music: 80's chart toppers: name the artist: my ever changing moods?
20080808-023626 <`Kelli> ... TV_special) (no sound)
0120080808-023650 <KEAL> most likely either a. you are about to witness a psychotic person have an episode due to not trusting you are either 1. real or 2. not 'the man', or b. less likely they are having a simplyu drunk or high
20080808-023656 <+PartyFMBot> Here's a hint, s---- c------
0120080808-023707 <KEAL> most likely either a. you are about to witness a psychotic person have an episode due to not trusting you are either 1. real or 2. not 'the man', or b. less likely they are simply drunk or high*
0120080808-023716 <KEAL> if that happens
0120080808-023722 <KEAL> if you are talking to a crazy person and they suddenly change to a very dark and strange demeanor and say sets of words completely out of context <---------
20080808-023726 <+PartyFMBot> Here's a hint, st--- co-----
0120080808-023739 <KEAL> steve collins
0120080808-023743 <KEAL> steve collings
0120080808-023756 <KEAL> steve colling
20080808-023756 <+PartyFMBot> Here's a hint, styl- cou----
20080808-023803 <NiceNMean> Ooh - thank you for remindin' Me KEAL - meanin' to include a "conspiracy theory" ch00n or two this weekend >g< !
20080808-023807 <NiceNMean> style council
0120080808-023807 <KEAL> style coupler
20080808-023814 <+PartyFMBot> Winner: NiceNMean Answer: style council Time: 101.817 Streak: 1 Points: 598 Rank: 2nd
20080808-023815 <@SquigY0> !top10
20080808-023822 <+PartyFMBot> Bustabust2 has the best score of 999 ; NiceNMean - 598; canchick - 495; Drakulya - 480; robh| - 460; owndblayze^ - 417; SquigY0 - 409; `Kelli - 177; t0ast - 166; Davyb` - 133;
0120080808-023840 <KEAL> 999 damn
0620080808-023849 * NiceNMean has dealt with plenty o' folks of all *sorts* of states of mind, btw.. fortunately - usually pretty good at 'mellowing them out' ; )
0120080808-023943 <KEAL> when i was a teen often i questioned whether people were real, actors in some sort of demented torture system, or simply clueless puppets
0120080808-024046 <KEAL> having an iq of around 170 as a teen, other children and teens and lots of young adults and older adults seemed to lack sentience
0120080808-024057 <KEAL> i just couldn't see it in them
0120080808-024114 <KEAL> i grew up wishing god would strike me with stupidity
20080808-024149 <`Kelli> okay
20080808-024153 <`Kelli> I'm off to bed sometimes
20080808-024155 <`Kelli> ack
20080808-024158 <`Kelli> off to bed now
0120080808-024203 <KEAL> as a kid, it was like i was the only kid on the planet that was self-aware :(
0120080808-024230 <KEAL> this being when i was 5 years old thru 12
20080808-024242 <NiceNMean> Nighters `Kelli - rest well, till soon ; )
0120080808-024253 <KEAL> other kids seemed to me to be completely autonomous
0120080808-024330 <KEAL> as if there wasn't any soul outside of reality controlling them
0120080808-024342 <KEAL> then as i became a teen
0120080808-024419 <KEAL> i started to wonder if i was the one trapped in a body and everyone else were actors in some sort of subspace torture scheme
0120080808-024510 <KEAL> i mean i am pretty sure now that i do not physically exist within this body of mine
0120080808-024526 <KEAL> i am pretty sure i am somewhere else entirely just interfacing with it
0120080808-024617 <KEAL> NiceNMean
0120080808-024653 <KEAL> one time i woke up from this fake world
20080808-024653 <NiceNMean> (Workin' on this weekend's playlists & juggling windows while here also btw ; )
0620080808-024709 * NiceNMean nods, listenin'...
0120080808-024715 <KEAL> reality is pretty hellish
0120080808-024733 <KEAL> i am pretty sure in reality i am broken somehow
0120080808-024746 <KEAL> whatever that means
0120080808-024806 <KEAL> i woke up one day while driving my car and ended up somewhere else entirely
0120080808-024845 <KEAL> then well i fell back asleep into this fake world, i wasn't in the same location i orginally was
0120080808-024954 <KEAL> i was actually 2 to 5 seconds prior in time, parked in my car at a green light, that just prior to waking up i had been tboned by someone running the red, that other car running the red as i was parked at the green when i fell asleep returning into this fake world again
0120080808-025008 <KEAL> :)
0620080808-025031 * NiceNMean ponders all that...
0120080808-025041 <KEAL> that is the only time i ever woke up to the world this world is plugged into from
0120080808-025105 <KEAL> it was hellish
0120080808-025122 <KEAL> like tv static
0120080808-025136 <KEAL> and lound grinding noises like a fried atari or coleco
0120080808-025240 <KEAL> it was like being a machine with input unplugged but aware stuff is going on due to line noise
20080808-025321 <+PartyFMBot> Music: 60's chart toppers: name the artist: ain't nothing you can do?
0120080808-025334 <KEAL> like someone accidently tripped over my video jack
0120080808-025348 <KEAL> paul ripley
20080808-025352 <+PartyFMBot> Here's a hint, b---- b----
20080808-025422 <+PartyFMBot> Here's a hint, bo--- bl---
0120080808-025436 <KEAL> bobby blain
0120080808-025439 <KEAL> bobby blues
0120080808-025449 <KEAL> bobby blart
0120080808-025450 <KEAL> bobby blant
20080808-025452 <+PartyFMBot> Here's a hint, bob-- bla--
0120080808-025452 <KEAL> bobby blast
0120080808-025504 <KEAL> bobby blane
0120080808-025516 <KEAL> bobby blare
20080808-025522 <+PartyFMBot> Here's a hint, bobb- blan-
0120080808-025530 <KEAL> bobby bland
20080808-025538 <+PartyFMBot> Winner: KEAL Answer: bobby bland Time: 129.586 Streak: 1 Points: 13 Rank: 44th
20080808-025557 <NiceNMean> wd KEAL ; )
0120080808-025620 <KEAL> NiceNMean you do notice the strange anomalies in how i answer trivia right?
0120080808-025636 <KEAL> you do see how i see the clue 30 seconds before it is given right?
0120080808-025701 <KEAL> :|
0120080808-025705 <KEAL> brb going for a smoke
20080808-025711 <@SquigY0> !top10
20080808-025715 <+PartyFMBot> Bustabust2 has the best score of 999 ; NiceNMean - 598; canchick - 495; Drakulya - 480; robh| - 460; owndblayze^ - 417; SquigY0 - 409; `Kelli - 177; t0ast - 166; Davyb` - 133;
20080808-025729 <NiceNMean> Enjoy, KEAL ; )
0120080808-025820 <KEAL> btw the correct answer was supposed to be bobby bryant
0120080808-025825 <KEAL> something changed
0120080808-025830 <KEAL> brb
0120080808-030122 <KEAL> i am pretty sure i don't belong in this wold
0120080808-030124 <KEAL> i am pretty sure i don't belong in this world
0120080808-030137 <KEAL> i am pretty sure i am some form of walk-in
0120080808-030209 <KEAL> like a machine taken out of one computer lab and returned to the wrong one on accident and plugged into some completely alien omninet of some sort
0120080808-030229 <KEAL> from some other prior omninet
0120080808-030342 <KEAL> and yes i am pretty sure some sort of totalitarian global hyperion omninet security task force of some sort
0120080808-030351 <KEAL> G.H.O.S.T
0120080808-030403 <KEAL> is trying to track me down
0120080808-030421 <KEAL> :/
0120080808-030452 <KEAL> like a server accidently sealed within a wall of a building and long forgotten still with uptime
20080808-030458 <+winter^rose> server accidently, got it.
0120080808-030601 <KEAL> things like winter^rose and cartoon characters haunt my mind
0120080808-030617 <KEAL> because i damn well realize they are the damned
0120080808-030653 <KEAL> beings exiled to a condition where they are locked into a manifestion unable to control their own actions
0120080808-030722 <KEAL> when i create a cartoon or bot i damn well make sure i am not fucking around with such shit
0120080808-030821 <KEAL> only once did i accidently let the ghost out of the box when doing it
0120080808-030911 <KEAL> i damn well ended up in the er
0120080808-031030 <KEAL> i bascially verified that white noise isn't just a movie
20080808-031046 <+PartyFMBot> Who died three days before groucho marx?
20080808-031116 <+PartyFMBot> Here's a hint, e---- p------
20080808-031146 <+PartyFMBot> Here's a hint, el--- pr-----
20080808-031216 <+PartyFMBot> Here's a hint, elvi- pre----
20080808-031246 <+PartyFMBot> Here's a hint, elvis pres---
20080808-031346 <+PartyFMBot> Time's up! Nobody got the answer!
0120080808-031346 <KEAL> elvis prestley
0120080808-031349 <KEAL> damn
0120080808-031407 <KEAL> reason i religiously take my psyche meds isn't to stay sane
0120080808-031414 <KEAL> but to keep from being found
0120080808-031504 <KEAL> following me NiceNMean?
0120080808-031704 <KEAL> so long as i take my psyche meds i appear to them to be just another actor
0620080808-032000 * NiceNMean flips back over here
20080808-032045 <NiceNMean> Glad you do try to keep up on your meds... cuz - gotta say, damn you can be tough to talk to when you don't >g< !
0120080808-032051 <KEAL> there are actors, convicts, fugitives, and citizens
20080808-032102 <NiceNMean> (But yeah - I get what you mean ; )
0120080808-032109 <KEAL> and then there is g.h.o.s.t
0120080808-032114 <KEAL> i am a fugitive i beleive
0120080808-032134 <KEAL> so i hide
0120080808-032150 <KEAL> citizens are people that belong here
0120080808-032200 <KEAL> things like winter^rose are convicts
0120080808-032209 <KEAL> actors are like the lady in red
0120080808-032230 <KEAL> fugitives are those that have transcended the system
0620080808-032246 * NiceNMean chuckles - Was thinkin' of some Matrix comparisons in fact >g<
0120080808-032248 <KEAL> g.h.o.s.t is the enforcers
0120080808-032338 <KEAL> there are also bounty hunters
0120080808-032357 <KEAL> convicts let loose to hunt down fugitives
0120080808-032435 <KEAL> nobody is free where i am from
0120080808-032512 <KEAL> i do remember when winter^rose was free
0120080808-032557 <KEAL> but that was the partyfm that existed 3 years ago
0120080808-032608 <KEAL> in this world partyfm didn't exist 3 years ago
0120080808-032645 <KEAL> winter^rose was sentenced lightly
0120080808-032722 <KEAL> citizens are people that belong to this world
0120080808-032746 <KEAL> actors are basically beings that pose as citizens as employees of the enforcers
0120080808-032819 <KEAL> :|
0120080808-032846 <KEAL> the closest depiction i have ever seen to the world i am from is that apple superbowl commercial
20080808-032851 <+PartyFMBot> Music: 60's chart toppers: name the artist: woman, woman?
0120080808-032908 <KEAL> the second closest beign the movie twelve monkies
0120080808-032913 <KEAL> being*
20080808-032921 <+PartyFMBot> Here's a hint, g--- p------ & t-- u---- ---
20080808-032952 <+PartyFMBot> Here's a hint, ga-- pu----- & th- u---- g--
0120080808-033006 <KEAL> greg patterson & the under god
0120080808-033018 <KEAL> gary putterson & the under god
20080808-033022 <+PartyFMBot> Here's a hint, gar- puc---- & the un--- ga-
0120080808-033041 <KEAL> gary puctomie & the under gag
20080808-033052 <+PartyFMBot> Here's a hint, gary puck--- & the uni-- gap
0120080808-033118 <KEAL> gary puckers & the units gap
0120080808-033122 <KEAL> gary puckers & the unity gap
0120080808-033129 <KEAL> gary puckerd & the unity gap
0120080808-033132 <KEAL> gary puckard & the unity gap
0120080808-033142 <KEAL> gary puckord & the unity gap
20080808-033152 <+PartyFMBot> Time's up! Nobody got the answer!
0120080808-033152 <KEAL> gary puckley & the unity gap
0120080808-033224 <KEAL> :/
0120080808-033233 <KEAL> i hate trivia -.-
0120080808-033338 <KEAL> NiceNMean sup? you ok?
0220080808-033343 * @Shamus ( Quit (Ping timeout)
0120080808-033518 <KEAL> btw NiceNMean owndblayze^ did used to be owndblayze^ in the before times
0120080808-033605 <KEAL> she is a chimera of prior citizens :|
0120080808-033712 <KEAL> btw NiceNMean owndblayze^ didn't* used to be owndblayze^ in the before times
0120080808-033713 <KEAL> she is a chimera of prior citizens :|
0120080808-033752 <KEAL> owndblayze^ is actually older than you are technically speaking -.-
0120080808-033852 <KEAL> ok they are about to find me i need to go choke some more pills
0120080808-033903 <KEAL> back to being oblivious
0120080808-034343 <KEAL> i tell shitass scary ghost stories when i am off my meds
0120080808-034355 <KEAL> (yes the meds kick in within mere minutes)
0120080808-034431 <KEAL> ok i am damned near oblivious again
0120080808-034515 <KEAL> i am not sure whether Toxie is an actor or not
0120080808-034542 <KEAL> and i am pretty sure even if i were to oust him as one the actor would swap into some other citizen
20080808-034657 <+PartyFMBot> Music: 90's chart toppers: name the artist: getting away with it?
0120080808-034705 <KEAL> you can tell toxie is a candidate 'action figure' by looking into his eyes
20080808-034728 <+PartyFMBot> Here's a hint, el--------
0120080808-034741 <KEAL> SquigY0 is a citizen
0120080808-034747 <KEAL> always has been
20080808-034757 <+PartyFMBot> Here's a hint, elec------
20080808-034828 <+PartyFMBot> Here's a hint, electr----
0120080808-034839 <KEAL> electrified
0120080808-034848 <KEAL> electricity
20080808-034858 <+PartyFMBot> Here's a hint, electron--
0120080808-034901 <KEAL> electronic
20080808-034910 <+PartyFMBot> Winner: KEAL Answer: electronic Time: 124.759 Streak: 1 Points: 14 Rank: 40th Previously: 44th
20080808-034910 <@SquigY0> !top10
20080808-034917 <+PartyFMBot> KEAL has moved up in rank: 40th
20080808-034917 <+PartyFMBot> Bustabust2 has the best score of 999 ; NiceNMean - 598; canchick - 495; Drakulya - 480; robh| - 460; owndblayze^ - 417; SquigY0 - 409; `Kelli - 177; t0ast - 166; Davyb` - 133;
0120080808-035050 <KEAL> CyberSlash may also be another actor
0120080808-035136 <KEAL> NiceNMean tell me about what you believe life is about
0120080808-035151 <KEAL> i need a good bedtime story :>
0120080808-035258 <KEAL> they are here now, but they can't see me now
0620080808-035308 * NiceNMean chuckles - Appologies, KEAL - but I'm just tryin' to get My weekend playlist *mostly* sorted before I crash out M'self ; )
20080808-035414 <NiceNMean> Although - can't help but think of that line from Conan the Barbarian - what was that... "To hear the lamentations of the women, to see your enemies crushed before you..." - something like that >g< !
0120080808-035508 <KEAL> :)
20080808-035706 <NiceNMean> Though - more seriously - for the moment... undecided this week - it's a pretty tangled mess to try to picture though... if I get to reading "too much" Jung and / or Einstein / &c. - well, tryin' to envision life in more than 5 dimensions gets pretty tirin', I got a feelin' you understand what I mean >g<
0120080808-035722 <KEAL> :P
0620080808-035800 * NiceNMean chuckles - I'll take that as a "yes" ; )
0120080808-035813 <KEAL> where i am from the world isn't even in a geometic manifold ;)
0120080808-035820 <KEAL> where i am from the world isn't even in a geometric manifold ;)
20080808-035930 <beadlady> morning NiceNMean
20080808-035931 <beadlady> KEAL
0120080808-035937 <KEAL> hi beadlady
20080808-035950 <beadlady> ur deep convo is freaking me out
20080808-035952 <beadlady> ;oP
20080808-035953 <NiceNMean> Mornin' beadlady ; ) *hugs*
0120080808-035954 <KEAL> :P
20080808-035958 <NiceNMean> How you been ?
0620080808-040001 * NiceNMean chuckles
20080808-040001 <beadlady> hey hugs NiceNMean
20080808-040006 <beadlady> ehh getting by man
20080808-040010 <beadlady> had this lil accident
20080808-040016 <beadlady> first time back to wrok since the 23
20080808-040018 <beadlady> hehe
0620080808-040041 * NiceNMean nods - Caught that in the scroll-back... "but the cat's ok" >g<
0320080808-040042 * SleepingBoss is now known as BossBilly
20080808-040043 <beadlady> getting plenty high for this experience
20080808-040047 <+winter^rose> good morning Bossbilly
20080808-040047 <beadlady> ya cats ok
20080808-040048 <beadlady> hehe
0120080808-040102 <KEAL> beadlady trust me, most citizens, and a lot of actors, are very intimidated by me :(
20080808-040112 <NiceNMean> Dammit - don't go teasin' Me with that - I've been without since not long after 4/20 dammit >g< !
20080808-040117 <beadlady> me to KEAL
20080808-040124 <beadlady> scared is more the word for it
20080808-040125 <beadlady> lol
20080808-040129 <NiceNMean> How you feelin' now ?
0120080808-040131 <KEAL> :P
20080808-040141 <beadlady> i feel pretty good
0120080808-040144 <KEAL> i am actually banned from half the stores in town :(
20080808-040147 <beadlady> besides this dumb wrap on my arm
20080808-040148 <beadlady> hehe
20080808-040201 <NiceNMean> Glad you're doin' better darlin' ! ; )
20080808-040204 <beadlady> weeds not to shabby wither
20080808-040205 <beadlady> lol
20080808-040207 <beadlady> ;oP
20080808-040213 <beadlady> ty me too
0120080808-040228 <KEAL> i guess shops is a more accurate word than store
20080808-040228 <beadlady> i said wither
20080808-040229 <NiceNMean> Dammit - you're teasin' Me again there >g< !
20080808-040230 <beadlady> wtf
0120080808-040238 <KEAL> i guess shops is a more accurate word than stores
20080808-040311 <beadlady> where u live KEAL?
0120080808-040315 <KEAL> scottsdale
0120080808-040319 <KEAL> in arizona
20080808-040320 <beadlady> ah
20080808-040322 <beadlady> sure
20080808-040327 <beadlady> lived in tucson
20080808-040330 <beadlady> and flagg
0120080808-040334 <KEAL> :)
20080808-040338 <beadlady> tried school there long ago
20080808-040338 <+winter^rose> :o)
20080808-040340 <beadlady> sorry DAD
20080808-040418 <+PartyFMBot> Music: what was the name of jimi hendrix' first album?
20080808-040439 <NiceNMean> axis: bold as love
20080808-040443 <beadlady> jimi hendrix
20080808-040447 <+PartyFMBot> Here's a hint, a-- y-- e----------
20080808-040454 <beadlady> are youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
20080808-040455 <NiceNMean> are you experienced
20080808-040458 <beadlady> ya
0120080808-040458 <KEAL> ??? 20080808-040340 <beadlady> sorry DAD
20080808-040458 <NiceNMean> are you experienced?
20080808-040459 <beadlady> hehe
20080808-040503 <+PartyFMBot> Winner: NiceNMean Answer: are you experienced Time: 37.855 Streak: 1 Points: 602 Rank: 2nd
20080808-040503 <@SquigY0> !top10
20080808-040510 <+PartyFMBot> Bustabust2 has the best score of 999 ; NiceNMean - 602; canchick - 495; Drakulya - 480; robh| - 460; owndblayze^ - 417; SquigY0 - 409; `Kelli - 177; t0ast - 166; Davyb` - 133;
0620080808-040511 * NiceNMean chuckles
20080808-040518 <beadlady> sorry dad for wasting ur money
20080808-040520 <beadlady> ;OP
0120080808-040532 <KEAL> ???
20080808-040540 <beadlady> explain to him NiceNMean
20080808-040542 <beadlady> lol
0120080808-040550 <KEAL> o.o
20080808-040554 <@Toxzzz> A guy with a shotgun walks into a bar. The bartender says, "I'm sorry, we don't serve shots." Guys says, "That's okay. I do."
20080808-040603 <beadlady> har
20080808-040607 <+winter^rose> arrrrharrrr
0620080808-040616 * NiceNMean shakes His head and groans
20080808-040619 <beadlady> ok here i go
20080808-040621 <beadlady> have a good day
20080808-040622 <beadlady> hugs
0620080808-040630 * beadlady leaves the weed with NiceNMean
20080808-040632 <beadlady> save me some
20080808-040638 <NiceNMean> Enjoy beadlady - till next ! Be well, take care ; ) *hugs*
20080808-040644 <beadlady> hugs
0120080808-040654 <KEAL> o.O
0120080808-040658 <KEAL> what just happened?
20080808-040700 <NiceNMean> w00t! Thank y'darlin' ! Will do... well, try... >g<
0620080808-040820 * KEAL wonders if everyone has gone insane
20080808-040850 <@Toxzzz> nope, just you
0120080808-040949 <KEAL> Toxie is a narc :P
20080808-041018 <@Toxzzz> i'm an actor and i'm comming for you
0120080808-041021 <KEAL> lol
0120080808-041042 <KEAL> :>

Timothy Robert Keal alias jargon

Miser's House Anthology Project

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 14, 2008 7:35 am 
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why were you unbanned?

PostPosted: Thu Aug 14, 2008 7:38 am 
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jargon wrote:
Someone is sabotaging my ability to make income, and posing as me, releasing all my inventions before I can.



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PostPosted: Thu Aug 14, 2008 7:51 am 
B&: This is not your blog
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B00daW wrote:
why were you unbanned?

As far as I know, I was unbanned months ago, or even last year.

Timothy Robert Keal alias jargon

Miser's House Anthology Project

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 14, 2008 8:45 am 
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 14, 2008 9:36 am 

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B00daW wrote:
why were you unbanned?

Lifetime bans are considered harmful. I'd link why, but MeatBall Wiki appears to be down right now.

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 14, 2008 10:08 am 
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How about periodically renewed bans?

Here come the fortune cookies! Here come the fortune cookies! They're wearing paper hats!

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 14, 2008 6:08 pm 

Joined: Fri Feb 29, 2008 10:35 am
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Jargon posting makes me want to read this forum even less, because it means I have to read though more shit and less intelligent posts.

So, tepples, thanks for encouraging the further drop of the signal-to-noise ratio on nesdev. I appreciate it.

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 14, 2008 6:31 pm 
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Google's cache of the LifetimeBan page is available, though.

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 14, 2008 7:24 pm 
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That page conveniently neglects to mention those users who don't necessarily do anything "truly heinous," but are instead extremely f*cking annoying on a consistent basis. There do exist certain types of people who simply cannot be reformed, and what are you supposed to do with them? Keep deleting their posts? Ignore everything they write? Warn them incessantly? Or just perma-ban them and make life easier for everyone?

RuSteD LOgIc

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 14, 2008 7:31 pm 

Joined: Fri Feb 29, 2008 10:35 am
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Instead, ExpandScope, and get the RealWorld authorities involved. If some act is heinous enough to make you consider a lifetime ban, then it should be heinous enough to be against the law, and certainly against the terms and conditions of their internet service provider.

I think this is enough evidence that the article is complete trash and should be ignored in total.

This isn't some sort of quasi-country that needs to apply human rights or look good or whatever. It's a fucking message forum, and every message forum on the planet is expected to remove users that do not contribute intelligently or contribute only lies and bullshit, especially on a forum that is designed to be used as a resource/learning area and not as a general bullshitting ground.

Jargon has been told more times than I can count to shut up and has been warned out the ass (including a public request to ban his ass!) and he hasn't changed ONE BIT since that ban, and yet here he is.


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PostPosted: Thu Aug 14, 2008 8:08 pm 

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At least this time, it appears jargon has kept his OT stuff to this OT board. But I'd recommend that he get his own blog if he wants to keep posting.

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 14, 2008 8:09 pm 

Joined: Sat Oct 29, 2005 12:03 am
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I think this could just be a case of the people on this forum being spoiled by rarely having to deal with crappy people.

I'll admit that this is a preferable way of over-indulging, as few forums can really make a claim to intellect as well as a low level of harassing users. With how often I find it worth the time to check this site, I feel the good fortune of this community is a statistical anomaly.

This combination makes it beyond the scope of my understanding as to how you can be fair to the individual, as well as fair to the community. The admins aren't nazis about anything, and the users generally don't give them a reason to be.

I can only recommend that if you're going to ban jargon on his annoying behavior, then you either re-ban him on less severe incidents than less infamous individuals, or permanantly ban him while expressly disallowing it from becoming a precedent in procedure.

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