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Re: unofficial famitone 4 is done

Posted: Thu Apr 18, 2019 7:53 am
by dougeff
version 5.0 is done. (ca65 is... I still need to make asm6 and nesasm versions)

1xx,2xx,3xx,4xx,Qxx,Rxx effects
duty cycle envelopes
sound fx >256 bytes

Re: unofficial famitone 4 is done

Posted: Tue Apr 30, 2019 10:48 am
by dougeff
I added PAL support on my versions of famitone 2,3,4.

And added some conditional statements that will only affect you if you ONLY need NTSC or ONLY PAL.

And also edited the vibrato to rate 6 (was 8 before)...and corrected the depth...which adds a few more bytes, but (I think) sounds a little nicer.

Re: unofficial famitone 4 is done

Posted: Fri Jun 21, 2019 7:58 pm
by dougeff

In my famitone 4 (and probably 3 and 5) there is a song breaking, game crashing bug.

My encoder produces wrong code for a note cut in the DPCM channel, which I apparently never thought to test.

I will attempt to fix at my next free time.

(probably more potential bugs exist in famitone 5, but I haven't had a chance to test it thoroughly)