Infinite NES Lives teases expansion port dongle

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Re: Infinite NES Lives teases expansion port dongle

Post by infiniteneslives » Mon Jul 10, 2017 9:34 pm

infiniteneslives wrote:The baseline stm32 with M4 is the stm32f401 but prob want to go with the stm32f410 which includes a DAC which goes for $2.60 in modest volumes (1k) on digkey. Crazy the beasts of mcu's you can get now for so little money... When you consider that a legit independent 12bit DAC runs ~$1, the M4 core is only costing ~$1.60...
I take that back, the entry stm32 cortex M4 is the F3 series starting with the stm32f301 which approaches $1 in volume on digikey. The stm32f301 comes with a 12bit DAC which is worth close to $1 on it's own. Assuming one requires a hardware DAC, it's almost like you're getting the 72Mhz cortex M4 with it's FPU and all for $1 or less, pure insanity...

These low cost beefy cortex mcus with their included DAC is what makes it more cost effective to implement expansion synths on an mcu vs FPGA. The stm32 series offer a number of 5v tolerant i/o to boot which can help simplify glue logic considerably.
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