Rockman X2 to Megan X2 direct conversion - Anyone done it?
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Author:  majorspawn [ Thu Nov 09, 2017 11:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Rockman X2 to Megan X2 direct conversion - Anyone done it?

Hi Gents,
I was wondering if anyone has successfully converted a RMX2 to a MMX2 cart by using 2 X 27c801's or 1 X 27c801 + 27c401? ( the game is 12Mbits)
The input on the on board chips is using a 8Mbit LH538LN4 and a 4Mbit LH534BN2. My understanding is that the pinout of the chips is the same as super FX
So I followed that approach after successfully using it with Starfox 2. What I have attempted is splitting the rom using filesplitter to a 1MB and 512KB file, fixing the checksum, expanding the 512kb to 1M and writing to the 2 X 801s. I have wired as per the super FX pinout. Now I get the Capcom splash intro and the very beginning but then a black screen, the same behavior if I run the 1st part 1MB on an emulator only. Which sort of gives me an impression the second chips is not being addressed etc. I was originally going to use a 401 for the second chip to make it exactly 12Mbits but the 401 does not have an A19 on pin 1 so essentially I have no where to connect this line. Has anyone successfully got this working, if so could I please get some clarification on the best approach? Thanks in advance

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