Cleaning up NES audio output
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Author:  m00dawg [ Tue Feb 22, 2011 6:53 am ]
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Only up to the sampling rate though - if I wanted to do a pathological study of noise I'd have to potentially go higher than that. But there really isn't much point there :)

The examples I have show a distinct audible difference in noise and, though I amplified both sources, they are both amplified by the same amount so you can still see the ratio.

The PowerPak does add more than I would ideally like, but since it doesn't leak into the other channels I only use that when I need it. The end result has been pretty good. It didn't exceed my expectations perhaps but certainly met them.

I will say I should have added a volume knob :) When recording directly into my sound cards, the audio is too loud, so I have to use my mixer to bring it back down and avoid clipping. My sound cards don't have any volume controls over source inputs so I may have to add that if i don't want to use my mixer.

The only reason the mixer gets in the way is that it prevents me from recording all 3 inputs at once (since I only have a 2-channel rec-out) whereas I can do 4 at a time directly into my sound-cards. Fortunately, it's not hard to add and doesn't change the original board design so just something I need to put together at some point.

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