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SF Memory Binary Maker

Post by moldov » Mon Sep 10, 2018 8:42 pm

Colleagues, thanks to Infinest, I forked his GB Memory solution and adopted it for SF Memory.
So now You can easily create ROM and map file for Your SF Memory cart.

Obviously the code is a bit messy, so I will clean it up ASAP. Also bugs are expected, so I will try to fix them also.

https://github.com/moldov/SF-Memory-Binary-Maker/ if You need binary it's on "Release" tab.

Don't forget to put "Menu.sfc" 512Kb Menu file from NP cart in the same directory with program.

Thanks to:

sanni - for his masterpiece which gathered all the community solutions for scattered ROMS and platforms

skaman - SNES rom and mapping details

infinest - help with GB Memory Binary Maker source code which I forked and manage to adopt for SNES platform

alex_n00b - bitmap letters for Menu

and all community's creative work which allows to find those hidden gems and undocumented abilities in retro platforms


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