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Re: Demptronic NFL Football

Post by raydempsey » Sat Mar 28, 2020 11:40 am

Hello everyone! It's been a long time since I posted any updates. I took a break programming last year from April to October, the longest break since starting the project November 1 2015. I have since began the next round of updates. Here is a list of a few:

Oakland Raiders converted to Las Vegas Raiders.

A few extra retro helmets (Cleveland grey mask, Minnesota grey mask, Ravens retro) are thrown in for fun. I think I've exhausted all the good ones. Also I moved the Houston Oilers retro helmet to the Tennessee franchise which actually makes more sense than having it under the Houston Texans franchise.

City stadium updates (current names/locations)

Minor uniform updates (this and that)

Simplified metasprite drawing code down to current minimum # of cycles (behind the scenes)

QB toggle scramble/run implemented (the only player who moves at this point, except the punter in punt formation). The qb operates in two modes: running, or eyes downfield. When he is running, he runs quickly, he can't tell where receivers are if they are off screen, and he can't pass until he toggles back into eyes downfield mode. In eyes downfield mode, you run much slower, but you can see wide receivers off screen (as small icons on a small field in the banner) and you can throw a pass. Other stats are affected later. A qb is more likely to fumble if he is hit in eyes downfield mode than running mode.

Agility, Acceleration, and Top Speed applied to current controlled player (only qb for now). Using last year's Madden launch roster/stats (September 19 roster), Lamar Jackson is the fastest controllable qb and Tom Brady is the slowest controllable qb (because for now, you can only control the quarterback and the punter in punt formation)

The name # and last name of the controlled player is shown in the banner.

The Defensive playbook has been updated. If the offense does not select "Special" formation (either FG or Punt), then the defense will not see "Special" as a selectable defensive formation. If the offense does select "Special" formation (either FG or Punt), then the defense can select any defensive formation including "Special".

I added a fourth color to the playbook. It gave me an extra play banner color and player color in the play itself.
Offense: Red = run, blue = pass, yellow = n/a, light green = special.
Defense: Red = blitz, blue = man, yellow = zone, light green = special.

I'll still be on break from programming for a few months, but after I will continue putting in everything a qb can do, then hand offs, route running, passing, and catching. When I come back to it, I will make quick progress.

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