Collaborate with me! (can do gfx, bgm, possibly design)

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Collaborate with me! (can do gfx, bgm, possibly design)

Post by FrankenGraphics » Mon Jun 12, 2017 6:31 am

Now that the compo rules are set (thanks for the effort on the update!), i'd like to leave an open invitation to collaborate, if anyone's interested. I can do graphics, possibly music, and might even have a few ideas in the drawer for game concepts, though i'm just as eager to commit to a defined design.

I'm already outlining something with Rahsennor, but feel confident i've got the time and energy for collaborating on at least another compo project.

Other commitments outside the compo involve a leisure paced project with gauauu, and a few personal projects which i can pace and prioritize as low as i need to; those won't be a burden.

Summarizing things posted on the forums:
Wrecking Balls, Graphics & soundtrack file.
Various sceneries for the project with gauauu. More on page two.
Isometric concept, one of my earliest attempts.
Very first piece of NES gfx i made.
Game Over screen for a personal submarine project based on a soviet arcade machine.
Isometric Sports Game i'm voluntarily and slowly working on, for my Roller Derby team.
First BGM attempt.

Outside the hobby, i do 50% growing/selling perennials (not a very useful skill here), 50% ux and gui (a bit more useful) on contract. It also means my schedule is wildly varying and a bit unpredictable. I try my best to give heads up when more intense periods arise. - personal NES blog

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Re: Collaborate with me! (can do gfx, bgm, possibly design)

Post by toggle switch » Tue Jun 13, 2017 10:25 am

sent you a private message with a demo of a project i'm working on.

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Re: Collaborate with me! (can do gfx, bgm, possibly design)

Post by Storminator16 » Wed Jul 05, 2017 3:35 pm

I just want to say that roller derby project concept.....that's unique! Blew my mind, that would be a mindblowing sports game.

You just inspired me, sir. (sports related, but not roller derby)

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